Attending Court in the St. Tammany Justice Center or The Washington Parish Courthouse


General Information for Attending Court


Court proceedings are generally open to the public.  Certain civil matters involving children and all juvenile proceedings are not open to the public.  The following information is provided if you plan to attend court as a party, a witness, a juror or because you are interested:


1. Dress in court attire.  Courtroom attire means clothing that is respectful to both the court and all persons attending court.  Courtroom attire could be any clothing worn to look your “Sunday best” such as long pants, a dress, shoes and an appropriate shirt without slogans or advertisements.  Do not wear shower shoes, shorts or hats.  Be aware that security requires you to remove your belt when coming into the courthouse through the security area.


2. You may bring your cell phone into the Covington or Franklinton courthouse but you will have to turn it completely off when you enter a courtroom.  If you use your cell phone in the courtroom to text, check messages, take photos, record or any other activity, you could be fined and/or your cell phone may be taken from you.


3. You may bring food or drink into the Covington or Franklinton courthouse.  However, you cannot bring food and drink into the courtrooms.  The courthouses have vending/snack machines located on the 1st floor at the north end of the building (Covington) and on the 1st floor across from the Clerk’s Office (Franklinton).  You can also use the vending/snack machines in the 3rd floor Jury Pool Room (Covington) but only if there are no jurors in the room.


4.  Free Parking is located across the street from the St. Tammany Justice Center in a multi-level garage and adjacent lot on Jefferson Street.  Free parking is located on the surrounding streets for the Washington Parish Courthouse.


5. Children should not be brought to the courthouses if at all possible.  It is very difficult for children to remain seated and quiet while attending courtroom proceedings.

St. Tammany Parish

Justice Center

22nd Judicial District Court

701 N Columbia Street

Covington, LA 70433

(985) 809-5300

Washington Parish Courthouse

22nd Judicial District Court

909 Pearl Street

Franklinton, LA 70438

(985) 809-5300

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